Want to pass your Platform App Builder Maintenance Certification (Summer ’18)?

Woohooo – we are now maintaining our certifications on Trailhead for free! I can’t think of a better way to actually learn about new features properly than to roll up your sleeves and crack on. I am guilty of ignoring new features and just looking up the theory behind them until I need them. Now, we can actually put some real experience behind it.

Today I’m talking about the flow we have to build for the Platform App Builder maintenance certification module – for Summer 18.

The module tests the application of your knowledge of the new operators available within Flow. If you’re not sure how Assignments really work, it’ll certainly help you to understand them.

The best tips I can give you for this are:

  • Remember: for Assignments, you’re saying “Number of contacts” = X, NOT X = “Number of Contacts”
  • Don’t overcook it: Number of Employees is NOT a collection variable
  • You’ll need to pass a certain variable through first to make this work. Think about where you’re running your Flow from
  • Remember that record IDs can only be passed if a text variable is defined as an input. I tend to set all my variables as Input and Output – maybe I’m lazy – but it reduces the risk of the flow breaking
  • I couldn’t find the operator I needed – it was because I set my number of employees variable to Text instead of Number. Doh.
  • Stick to the naming conventions
  • Test it before you hit “Verify”.
  • The steps in the Trailhead challenge are shown in the correct order

The one flaw I also found in this is that when I changed my Number of Employees field to one that was equal to the count of Contacts, I had to refresh the page to see the other screen in my flow. Not great UX, but we’re testing the new operator, not the UX!


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